Eastern Washington National Parks Sites

Eastern Washington National Parks Sites

The rolling, undulating hills of eastern Washington state are home to more than just farms, apple orchards and vineyards. The region is also home to three diverse National Parks sites … Read more

Bighorn Canyon NRA

Delving into Bighorn Canyon

Bonnie and I have been to Montana and Wyoming five times since we started dating in 2009. We truly love both states and have, on many occasions, thought about moving … Read more

My Song of The Open Road

My Song of the Open Road

After assigning my students to create their own “Song of the Open Road,” I decided to use our trip to Big Bend NP to create “My Song of the Open Road.”

Exploring Colorado’s Black Canyon

Pretty. Breathtaking. Deep. Interesting. A little scary. These are just some of the words that Grant and I used to describe the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. Black Canyon of … Read more