How to Deal with a Travel Emergency

How do you deal with a travel emergency? What do you do when services are disrupted? Check out our recommendations for a travel emergency kit.

Preparing for a Winter Road Trip

Preparing for a Winter Road Trip

When you are a teacher or have school-aged children, you can’t pick and choose when you have vacations. One of our major breaks is the two weeks we get off … Read more

Road Tripping in Our F-150

Road Tripping With Our 2017 F-150

When you spend as much time in your vehicle as we do, what you drive and how comfortable it is on a long trip is pretty important. We are not car … Read more

Ten Tips for Traveling Overseas

Traveling overseas can be daunting the first time out. There are so many “How will I?” questions, it truly gets overwhelming. Here are our top 10 tips for traveling overseas. … Read more