One Month in Italy

One Month in Italy – Our Itinerary

Our itinerary for how we spent one month in Italy, including time in Rome, Florence, Venice, Sicily, Cinque Terre, Cortona, Assisi and The Palio in Siena.

Tech for Your Next Road Trip

Tech for Your Next Road Trip

Going on the road for more than a month requires tech to keep up with the demands of life. We simply cannot keep up with paying bills, etc. without having … Read more

Our Travel Style

How We Travel: A Look at Our Travel Style

We travel, quite simply, because we love to travel. We enjoy seeing new things, experiencing different cultures and learning about the world around us. Our travel style reflects our desire … Read more

Ten Tips for Traveling Overseas

Traveling overseas can be daunting the first time out. There are so many “How will I?” questions, it truly gets overwhelming. Here are our top 10 tips for traveling overseas. … Read more

Traveling with a Cat

Traveling with a Cat

As we’ve mentioned in several other posts, one reason we decided to get a camper was so we could take our cat, Alee, on vacation with us. Traveling with a cat … Read more

Tent vs RV Camping

Tent vs. RV Camping

After roughly seven years of tent camping (four major road trips and several other shorter ones), we finally upgraded to a camper. We always figured we would get a travel … Read more