Walking Off a Heat Attack in Croatia

Walking Off a Heart Attack in Croatia

Yep, you read that title correctly. We are tough, but until a few years ago, we never would have described ourselves as “walking off a heart attack” tough. That’s right, … Read more

One Week in Croatia

One Week in Croatia: Our Itinerary

How to spend one week in Croatia, including a road trip through the Istria Peninsula and Plitvice National Park and the coastal towns of Split and Dubrovnik.

One Day in Ljubljana

How to Spend One Day in Ljubljana

As we started planning our Eastern Europe itinerary, we didn’t know much about Slovenia. After a little research, though, it quickly emerged as a much-anticipated part of the trip. In … Read more

Two Days in Budapest

Two Days Exploring Budapest

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Side Trips from Prague

Two Great Side Trips from Prague

As we have said many times, there are certain cities and sites that are must-see for good reason. If you are going to the Czech Republic, you simply must visit … Read more

Exploring Prague

Exploring Prague in Two Days

Coming into Prague on the bus from the airport was an interesting contrast in Soviet-era construction versus elaborate pre-Soviet buildings. We found the mix of styles intriguing and immediately knew … Read more