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When it comes to a successful RV camping experience, I find it is the little things that make the most difference… little tools, tips and gadgets which make the annoying things more bearable.

We have spent the past six years crisscrossing this country, camping in nearly every state and putting thousands of miles on our camper. We have put together a list of the RV gadgets and gizmos we never leave home without because they make our lives on the road that much better.

It is our hope you enjoy the list and get some inspiration for your own gear.

Our camper at Babler Memorial State Park
Our campsite at Babler Memorial State Park

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Updated January 2024

Freezer Packs

Unlike a lot of RV campers out there, we do not store our camper at a house, but rather in a storage lot. So, we are unable to plug in the camper to power before we leave on a camping trip. That means our fridge is typically downright hot when we start. We also don’t run the fridge when we pull the camper, mainly due to safety concerns.

These Cooler Shock packs are great!
These things work like a charm. We can’t recommend these enough!

So, how do we get the fridge cold in a reasonable amount of time? These amazing freezer packs. These are relatively inexpensive, are completely reusable and all but eliminate the need for ice when we camp, or just when we are putting things in a cooler at home.

We have two sets of them, one set of large and one set of medium. We are able to get the fridge cold and keep it cold even when we are not connected. That said, they need a freezer to re-freeze once used, so they have their limits. Still, we love them!

Tissue Holder

Bonnie and her tissues… Oh, she goes through a lot of them. We have them in the house, in the truck and, of course, in the camper.

Tissue holder
Bonnie has to have her tissues and this certainly saves counter space.

The problem, as anyone who has a camper knows, is shelf space is always at a premium. There is simply never enough room in a bathroom, ever. This little gizmo sticks onto the wall, holds a square box of tissues and makes it easy for either of us to grab a tissue when we need one.

Camco 57101 Pop-A-Tissue- Tisssue Box Holder- Mounts to Walls and Cabinets, Dispenses Tissue and Holds Tissue Boxes Upward or Downward- Perfect for RVs and Trailers, Easy Install – Clear (57101)
  • Keep facial tissues handy in a wall or cabinet-mounted dispenser.Fit Type: Universal Fit
  • Installs easily with screws or adhesive tape
  • Can dispense upward or downward

State Sticker Map

If your goal is to travel the US (like us), having a travel map to brag about where you have been is essential.

Seriously, though, it allows us to easily see where we have been in the camper and where we still need to go. We have plenty of destinations in mind and there are some great places we haven’t been to yet.

US State stickers are great way to show all of the cool places you have been.
Grant putting on our new US states stickers. We decided to put this one on the inside of the slide so it would be protected from the sun while being stored.

Yes, it is bragging, but it also sparks some great conversations with our neighbors at campgrounds all over the country. We ended up replacing our first sticker map because the sun was cooking it. Now, we have this really cool map with top sites from each state.

Pro tip: If you plan on putting any kind of sticker on your camper, putting them on the slides protects them from being cooked by the sun.

RV State Travel USA Map Vinyl Sticker – Camper Trailer Decals for Window with State Flag – Road Trip Map of America – Waterproof, UV Protection for Window, Door or Wall (Popular)
  • Flat packed (not rolled in a tube which is a pain to get it straight), durable, long lasting color and strong adhesive. Tested outside in extreme weather for many months as shown in the video.
  • This map of US with an artwork of each state that they are famous for, is also ideal for scrapbook and scrapbooking for children, classroom, homeschool, friends and families. This educational set of non magnetic decals goes well on the wall, door and window.
  • Create memories of your camping trip using visual display of the states you have visited. This set of decal sticker can be used indoor and outdoor, have uv protection, rain proof, weather resistant and very durable.
  • This travel tracker decal can be a great gift to be used on car windshield, car bumper, dorm room and kitchen fridge.
  • Whether you are boondocking or staying at a campsite, our sticker will be a conversation starter. Commemorate your road trip whether you are using motorhome, fifth wheel, camper or RV with these premium vinyl decal set with a strong adhesive back.

Scissor Jack Drill Adapter

This, in conjunction with a drill, is probably one of the best gadgets you will ever have if you have scissor jack stabilizers on your camper.

This attaches to the front of your drill and you can quickly raise or lower a stabilization jack in seconds. No hard work. No sweating.

Drill and Socket Adapter
Drill and Socket Adapter makes putting down stabilizer jacks a breeze!

I ran into one poor soul at the campground in Baker, NV who was lowering his jacks by hand in nearly 100-degree temps. I grabbed the drill and went over to help him, but upon closer inspection, his jacks did not have a drive nut. So, I couldn’t help him.

Pro tip: If you are getting a new camper, make sure the jacks have a drive nut and you get a drill adapter. If the jacks do not have a drive nut, ask the dealership to replace them with ones that do. It will save you a lot of time, sweat and frustration.

Camco RV Leveling Scissor Jack Socket Drill Adapter, Fits 3/8″ and 1/2″ Power Drills, Works With All 3/4″ Hex Drive Jacks (57363), Silver, Small
  • Reduces time and effort to raise or lower Scissor jacks
  • Fits 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch power drills
  • Works with all 3/4 inch hex drive jacks
  • Fit Type: Universal Fit

Ryobi ONE+ System

There are tons of brands of drills out there. Some are better than others, some are worse. I have used Ryobi tools as a consumer and as a technical theatre teacher for years. They are not the best tools out there, but they do the job well and are relatively inexpensive.

The ONE+ system from Ryobi creates a variety of products that run on their batteries.

I bought a drill to use with the drill adapter above. The battery and charger I got can also be used on the fan we got. This battery or cord-operated fan is perfect for getting a breeze when boondocking.

Cool, but what else can it do? Well, we now have a hand vac and a power inflator, all of which use the same battery. One charger, one battery type, multiple tools. There are also lights, radios and, of course, plenty of yard and shop tools available.

The other thing I like about them is that Home Depot is relatively easy to find just about anywhere. Need another battery? Easy enough to find a Home Depot on the road. I have included Amazon links for these items, but you can likely find them cheaper in the store.

Fan and Heater

A corded fan and a small space heater are two of the best investments you can make for your camper.

While the AC for our camper is outstanding, it is also loud, which makes it hard to sleep. A small fan allows us to keep the temperature relatively low while keeping a consistent breeze on us when sleeping. Yes, we presently have two fans… The one I have linked here and the Ryobi one above. The Ryobi one is good, but is a little louder than this one and does not have quite as many settings. Honestly, though, if I were to do it all over again, I would just get the Ryobi fan since it is more versatile.

Honeywell HT-904 TurboForce Tabletop Air Circulator Fan, Small, White – Quiet Personal Fan for Home or Office, 3 Speeds and 90 Degree Pivoting Head
  • SMALL FLOOR OR TABLETOP FAN – Honeywell TurboForce HT-904 Air Circulator Fan provides cooling with quiet operation. It’s small enough to be a table or desk fan or be wall-mounted, and is powerful enough to provide cooling in small to medium sized rooms.
  • FEEL THE POWER – Honeywell TurboForce fans have an aerodynamic turbo design to maximize air movement and power for intense cooling or energy-saving air circulation. You can feel the power of this small floor or desk fan from up to 25 feet away1.
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR COMFORT – With 3 speed options and a 90 degree pivoting/adjustable fan head, you’ll always be comfortable and cool! Customize your cooling to however you like it with this powerful and quiet fan.

We have a propane furnace in the RV and it does a very good job of keeping the camper warm, but the space heater is amazing for keeping the bed warm, which is the most important part. The other nice thing about the space heater is it works off electricity, meaning I am using a lot less propane to heat the camper when it is cold. We have since replaced ours with the one linked… Same brand, just an updated model.

Kismile Small Electric Space Heater Ceramic Space Heater,Portable Heater Fan for Office with Adjustable Thermostat and Overheat Protection ETL Listed for Kitchen, 750W/1500W(Silver)
  • SMALL HEATER MEASURES – Our portable space heaters with size of 7.3″ X 5.3″ x 9.5″.Equipped with a Cord.Energy Efficient,Fully Assembled,PTC Technology.Compact Space Saving Design.Convenient Carry Handle. Adjustable thermostat for comfortable warmth—ideal for small areas
  • CERAMIC SPACE HEARER – Advanced ceramic heating elements provide faster and more efficient heating than traditional heaters.Ceramic space heaters can quick heating within 2S ,produce abundant heat without open coils, and are long lasting.Small and powerful this is the perfect space heater for bedroom, office and under desk use.

Power Strip with USB Ports

If you are anything like us, you have a ton of devices that need power, many of which use a USB cable to power them.

Our new surge protector in our camper
We got this new surge protector with six USB ports, 3 USB C ports, including enough power to charge an iPad, and 3 USB A ports.

I bought this power strip because it could charge both of our phones and iPads, as well as the Ryobi ONE+ battery and power the TV and Amazon Fire Stick I have for the entertainment center.

It has three of the newer USB-C ports along with three of the older USB-A ports, giving us a lot more flexibility in charging our devices along with increased power delivery for some of our updated devices.

One location in the camper for all of our charging needs. It works like a champ.

Nesting Mixing Bowls

Bonnie loves these nesting mixing bowls and measuring cups because they take up so little room. They are perfect for the limited amount of space in our kitchen area.

RV Gadgets
Bonnie loves how little space these nesting bowls and measuring cups take up.

On our first big trip with the camper, we mistakenly thought we didn’t really need mixing bowls. Even though we typically are not baking, we now use these mixing bowls all the time to prepare a salad or marinade. Add in the measuring cups and spoons, strainer and colander and this set has everything you could possibly need in one small space.

Cheer Collection 15 Piece Nested Bowl Set with Mixing Bowls, Colander, Sifter and Measuring Spoons, BPA-Free Bright Colorful Plastic Space-Saving Food Prep
  • FOR ALL YOUR KITCHEN NEEDS – Versatile mixing bowl set for cooking, baking, measuring & preparation
  • NESTED, SPACE-SAVING DESIGN – Convenient, easy storage! Everything fits inside the large mixing bowl
  • STYLISH, RAINBOW COLORED – Dishwasher safe stackable set in bright colors adds style to your kitchen


I keep two kinds of gloves in the camper: leather work gloves and nitrile disposable gloves.

Leather work gloves will save your hands from grease and cuts.
Leather work gloves will save your hands from grease and cuts.

The leather gloves are great for handling all of the heavy, dirty work associated with the hitch. They protect my hands from getting banged up by the hitch, putting in the sway bars, etc., as well as keeping them from getting greasy while working.

Especially when I was on blood thinners, these gloves have saved me some bloody minor cuts and really nasty-looking bruises.

Rubber gloves come in handy a lot more than you would think.
Rubber gloves come in handy a lot more than you would think.

The nitrile gloves are used when I am connecting and disconnecting the water and sewer connections. These keep things sanitary for me and for the water connection. I also use them to grease up the hitch and sway bar connections.

Sidewinder Sewer Hose Stand

I have a new appreciation for this particular device since our last trip. I saw a guy have to line up his camper with the sewer connection because his hose stand would not curve.

This thing curves very easily and slopes just enough to keep drainage from backing up.

Camco Sidewinder 20-Ft Camper / RV Sewer Hose Support | Telescoping Design Flexes Around Obstacles & Deep Cradles Hold Sewer Hose | Out-of-the-Box Ready & Folds for RV Storage and Organization (43051)
  • PROTECTS & SUPPORTS YOUR RV SEWER HOSE: This sewer hose support for RV campers lifts and guides your sewer hose to help waste move downhill. It provides stable, simple drainage.
  • COMPATIBILITY: It fits up to a 20-foot RV waste hose and works with all 3-inch diameter hoses.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: A flexible design allows the RV hose support to curve around obstacles. The support is angled to create a downward slope for better drainage. Deep cradles hold your RV dump hose in place without straps.

Collapsible Hoses

I love this water hose. It seems a strange thing to say, but this hose is durable, easy to use and packs down to nothing.

Our water connection consists of a brass pressure regulator, a water filter and a collapsable water hose, which we love.
Our water connection consists of a brass pressure regulator, a water filter and a collapsable water hose, which we love.

I also use a different, cheaper collapsible hose for my sewer rinse and flush hose. Again, it is so easy to deal with.

Final Thoughts on RV Gadgets

We know these are not the end all, be all of RV gadgets, but these are the ones we love after six summers with the camper.

In addition to all these useful gadgets, make sure you have picked up all the essential RV gear.

Finally, I would be completely remiss if I didn’t mention our new book, Moon USA RV Adventures! This is the book we wish we had when we hit the road for the first time. While not exactly a gadget, it definitely will save you time and effort on the road!

Moon USA RV Adventures: 25 Epic Routes (Travel Guide)
  • Sinclair, Bonnie (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 560 Pages – 02/28/2023 (Publication Date) – Moon Travel (Publisher)

What are your favorite gadgets? Please let us know what you like for your camper. You might have a suggestion we’ve never thought of!

Looking for more RV Gear suggestions? Check out our full guide on outfitting your new camper, inside and out!

We invite you to join our Facebook group, USA RV Adventures. This group is for experienced, newbie and wannabe RVers to discuss RV destinations, itineraries and camping/travel tips.

Travel Resources
What do you use to find a flight?

We use Skyscanner to find deals on flights. Skyscanner has a great interface and compares tons of airlines for the best pricing and routing. That said, it does not always have every airline and some airlines will have better deals on their website. Still, Skyscanner is a great place to start.
Click here to search for a flight.

What do you use to find a hotel?

We typically stay at Hilton properties, so we use the Hilton website. You can find good Hilton Honors discounts or AAA discounts for a hotel there. We make great use of our free night certificates from our Hilton Honors American Express.
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If there are no Hilton properties available, we use TripAdvisor to read reviews and book the hotel. We find we can get the best price that way.
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What if I need more space than I can get at a hotel?

We use Vrbo for the times when we have rented a cabin for a weekend getaway, like this cabin in Townsend, TN, or needed to rent a house for a large family vacation. We had a great experience with them in terms of refunding deposits when COVID hit and will continue to use them.
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Who do you use for rental cars?

As a general rule, we book with Hertz for rental cars. We have had nothing but good experiences with them. Plus, we really like unlimited mileage and not worrying about crossing state lines. We have even rented from Hertz overseas in both Slovenia and Croatia.
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What do you use for booking tours?

We don’t often book tours. Typically, we like to do stuff on our own. That said, there are some experiences you just can’t have any other way. So, when we do want to book a tour, we always check Viator first.
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Do you use anything to get discounts on the road?

We make extensive use of both Good Sam and AAA on the road. Good Sam is normally regarded as a discount card for RVers at campgrounds and Camping World but anyone can use the 5 cents off a gallon at the pump at both Pilot and Flying J.
Click here to get a Good Sam membership.
We have had AAA as long as we have been married and it has more than paid for itself in discounts at hotels, aside from the peace of mind of having roadside assistance. Add in paper maps and the ability to get an international driver’s license and it is more than worth it for any traveler out there.
Click here to get a AAA membership.

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  1. Excellent list! Especially liked the RYOBI One+ products and drill adapter hint! Also the state sticker map is awesome! First time I have seen either of those items on an essentials list 🙂

  2. Love your site, been going through everything from the past and reading up! Love the idea of what you are doing. We have 3 young kids, so cant say that its a possibility for us at this stage, but we want to travel more with our kids. Its funny because we have a 2016 F150 and a 35 ft Jayco trailer we pull. Great setup! We have everything you mentioned above. These little things make a huge difference. We have a surge protector for the electrical and a 50A to 30A converter as well. Some places here in Michigan have lots with different Amp service depending on the site.

  3. Your gadgets list includes a collapsible hose. These hoses are not intended to be on constant pressure (a water hookup to a camper). And I have yet to find one without poor reviews for exploding and splitting after some use. Love the concept but these hoses aren’t ready for prime time yet.

    • Hi Mary… I am going to disagree with you on the hose. The hose we bought is specifically designed for boats and RVs. We have used ours since August 2016 with no issues, including 15+ weeks of camping. We are not full-timers, so I can’t speak to using the hose 365 days a year, but our use has been great.

  4. I use a large amount and different sizes of Command strips for my cooking utensils, measuring spoons, pictures, and small knickknacks. I would post photos but don’t see how.

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  6. Another great option is dry ice in the fridge and freezer to help it catch up after you’ve had it off for a while. And you don’t have to worry about anything melting just toss the empty bag away after it evaporates.


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